Blue Layout Stain

Blue Layout Stain

Bearing Blue
Bearing blue is most commonly used for balancing & blueprinting engine components for precise clearances.
Bearing blue leaves a distinct blue mark on components that require machining for a perfectly balance engine. Spreads easily, will not clog or dry out. Use freely as required to locate “high spots” or scratches during fitting and scraping operations. Made in Australia.

Stuarts Micrometer Engineers Marking Blue
Oil based paste for indicating high spots on machine bearings, machine tool beds etc. Easily removable with methylated spirit. Normally known as Engineers Blue, this thick blue grease which is used as a thin even smear so when two parts are fitted together the area of contact is marked by the transference of the blue colour. When Engineer's blue is mixed with methylated spirits it forms a quick drying stain which is known as marking blue or layout dye. This stain is used in the marking out operation in metalworking with various tools.

DY-MARK engineering layout ink
Ideal for marking on hard surfaces such as metal and glass
The ideal product for tool and die makers, machinists, pattern makers, sheet metal workers and maintenance mechanics

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ZB25gm tubePerformance Plus
ZBSS32gm tubeStuarts Micrometer Blue
LS11 litreDY-MARK