March 7, 2023
Purge Sachets

Hales Purge – P&P Cream™

The new era of purging and polishing!
With a working temperature between 70°c and 420°c, P&P Cream™ is specific for the cleaning of screws, cylinders, nozzles, hot runners, extrusion dies, moulds and any metal surface. Removes charred residue, black spots, colored pigments and all left over material deposits, for all thermoplastic and thermosetting.
P&P Cream cleans instantaneously unlike other products that take longer and leave material traces.
P&P Cream is smokeless, odorless and doesn’t contain solvents or abrasives. All components in P&P Cream are ‘GRAS’ (Generally Recognized as Safe) by FDA and are Food Contact Certified.