Diamond Paste

Diamond Paste

Diamond Paste, packed in easy application 5ml syringe cartridge.

1 – 60 Micron available.

Superfine grade - is for those applications which demand the highest possible accuracy and mirror finish.

Medium Grade - ensure a perfect intermediate surface for finishing to a high grade commercial polish with the Find grades.

Coarse and Extra Coarse Grade: ensure rapid stock removal for eliminating machining marks, deep scratches or blemishes.

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DP011Light BlueSuper Fine Grade
DP033GreenSuper Fine Grade
DP066YellowSuper Fine Grade
DP099RedMedium Grade
DP1515Light BrownMedium Grade
DP3030Dark BrownMedium Grade
DP4545PurpleCoarse and Extra Coarse Grade
DP6060OrangeCoarse and Extra Coarse Grade