Oil-Less Press Fit Bush

Oil-Less Press Fit Bush

Hales Standard Die Set Guide Bush.

Hales self-lubricating die components offer industry self-lubricating, maintenance-free performance resulting in overall cost savings and operational safety.

Materials: High Carbon Chrome Bearing Steel WIth Solid Lubricant

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HB034-2180.73551.12712 1/2
HB034-2580.73551.12712 5/8
HB1-3120.98551.50213 1/2
HB14-3121.23561.75213 1/2
HB14-4381.23561.75214 3/8
HB12-3121.48562.00213 1/2
HB12-4381.48562.00214 3/8
HB12-5141.48562.00215 1/4
HB134-4121.73562.50214 1/2