Tapping Compound

Tapping Compound

Trefolex Paste

- Trefolex is a green coloured, active cutting compound.
- Suitable for pipe screwing, hack sawing, tapping, reaming, etc.

Trefolex HD Fluid

- Trefolex HD cutting fluid is an extreme duty, thick fluid that sticks to the cutting tool through out the operation.
- Ideal for tapping and drilling stainless steel, and titanium.

Cut ADE Fluid

- Cutting fluid for direct application. Unique solution for dealing with metalworking in any way.
- Longer tool life, less broken taps, better work piece finish.
- No hazardous symbols.

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CRC-TREF500ML500mlTrefolex Paste
CRC-TREF2LT2 LitreTrefolex Paste
CRC-TREF HD 500500mlTrefolex HD Fluid
MAT-CUTADE-050500mlCut ADE Fluid