Butane Blow Torch and Accessories

Butane Blow Torch and Accessories

Bernzomatic MAP-PRO High Heat Torch Kit
• Trigger start ignition
• 30% hotter than propane
• Powerful swirl flame
• Continuous flame lock

Bernzomatic Gas Cylinder for MAP-PRO Torch
• 400g Gas disposable cylinder
• Faster heat transfer than propane gas
• Flame temperature in air 1982.2 °C

Butane Blow Torch - Micro Flame Torch
• This torch is small but mighty.
• Adjustable flame control easily sizes flame for different applications
• Trigger ignition
• Continuous flame lock
• Pinpoint flame
• Three interchangeable settings: fine solder, hot air blower and pencil flame
• Fuel not included

Butane Bottle
• 5.5 oz. cylinder
• Flame temperature in air of 1760°C

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SKUTypePack DescriptionQTY
TS4000TKBernzomatic MAP-PRO nHigh Heat Torch KitKit includes MAP-PRO High Heat Torch and 400g Gas disposable cylinder.nTorch has continuous flame lock
1811120Bernzomatic Gas Cylinder for MAP-PRO Torch400g Gas disposable cylinder
ST2200TButane Blow Torch - Micro Flame TorchButane Micro Flame Blow Torch with three interchangeable settings: nFine solder, Hot air blower and Pencil flame
BF55Butane Bottle5.5 oz. refill cylinder for micro flame torch