Designed to eliminate powder and fines contamination from plastic pellets, the ARV 38 De-Duster can be installed into any material line, to ensure more stable plasticising and eliminate product defects caused by incomplete melting.

This new innovative ARV 38 De-Duster's unique filtering design allows contamination removal from the material itself. The material flow blends both material and vacuum pathways to achieve highly increased contamination and dust removal.

Can be retro-fitted into any type of loading system using a vacuum-transport principle. In addition, when the ARV 38 De-Duster is combined with a traditional vacuum-line dedusting system, material dust and contamination is virtually eliminated during the transport process.

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Product CodePort SizeItems IncludedL x W x HQTY
MATS-ARV-381.5”Mounting Bracket x1 hose clamps x2229 x 280 x 635