Range: 0 - 6”(0-150mm). and Range: 0 - 8”(0-200mm) available

• Resolution: .0005”/0.01mm.
• Accuracy: +/- 0.001”

• Latest Technology using EIS (Electromagnetic Induction Sensor ).
• Coolant Proof to IP67 for Workshop conditions exposed to Dust & Coolant / Water-Oil.
• Easy to use - no need to wipe or clean the scale.
• Incorporates Absolute Measurement System, No overspeed - no errors.
• Advanced Design Styling.
• Automatic Power - On-Off.
• Inch/Metric.
• With depth measuring bar (blade).
• Large & clear LCD readout.
• ZERO/ABS Key: allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements.
• This switch will also allow return to absolute mode & display of the true position from the original point.
• Battery included. (replacement SR44 batteries can be purchased separately)
• Maximum response speed: unlimited.
• Alarm: low voltage, scale contamination, counting value composition error.
• Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC.
• Cannot be hooked up to computer for data download.
• Complete with Calibration Certificate.
• Made in Japan.

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SKU Range Type Brand QTY
MIT-500-752-20 150/6'' Coolant Proof Digital Caliper Mitutoyo
MIT-500-753-20 200/8'' Coolant Proof Digital Caliper Mitutoyo
MIT-SR44 SR44 Replacement Battery Mitutoyo