Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator

This Mitutoyo 513 - 404T Dial Indicator kit comprises of:
- Lever indicator (513 - 404E)
- Swivel clamp (for dia. 4mm stem, dia. 8mm stem and dovetail mounting)
- Holding Bar (9 x 9 x 100mm)
- Knurled clamp ring nut,
- Stem dia. 4mm and stem dia. 8mm

• Clear, High-contrast graduation
• High sensitivity and quick response from jewelled bearings
• Non clutch type for automatic reversal of measuring direction
• One piece bezel and crystal fitted with ‘O’ ring to resist water and dust
• Scratch resistant, glare free crystal
• Supplied with Tungsten Carbide tipped contact point, Dovetail mounts
• Graduation 0.01mm, Range 0.8mm, Reading 0-40-0
• Accuracy 8µm, Measuring Force 0.3N

• Performs easy and accurate measurement of narrow or deep portions, and inside and outside diameters that dial indicators cannot access
• No-clutch structure for automatic reversal of measuring direction
• Resistant to water and dust thanks to the one-piece bezel and “crystal” design with O-ring
• The glare-free flat crystal face has a scratch-resistant coating
• High sensitivity and quick response because of jewelled bearings
• A carbide contact point with a 2mm diameter is provided as standard

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