CVe Monitors

CVe Monitors

CVe Monitors.

Available in:

Internal Extension Rod, External Mounting Block, or CVe Monitor v2 Mould Maker / Moulder Version.

• 7-digit LCD display with a push button to move through the display modes

• 4GB Flash drive for file storage and 4+ year battery within monitor

• Water resistant with an ingress protection rating of IP52

• Maximum temperature: 190°F (90°C)

• Dimensional compatibility with Progressive’s mechanical CounterViews

• Mini USB connectivity for data retrieval with cables sold separately

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CVE-INTInternal Extension Rod (8”/200mm) including a hex key for the CVe Monitor set screw removal.
CVE-EXTExternal Mounting Block including #8-32 x 1” SHCS (2) and M4 x 25mm SHCS (2).
CVE-MCVe Monitor v2 mould Maker/moulder version including #8-32 x 1” SHCS (2) and M4 x 25mm SHCS (2).