Smartlock® Core Slide Retainer and Limit Switch

Smartlock® Core Slide Retainer and Limit Switch

Smartflow® Mould Protective Limit Switches are designed and built by engineers with expert mould-building experience. Thinswitch®, SmartLock® and Versaswitch™ are the benchmark switches in the injection moulding industry. Moulders rely on them to provide dependable position indication and protection for valuable injection moulds.

Thinswitch® Global Limit Switch

Liquid-Resistant Limit Switch - 3mm/4mm Height
Smartflow® Global Thinswitch® Limit Switch helps prevent accidental mould close in injection moulds by verifing ejector plate return in injection moulds with 3mm or 4mm rest buttons, and where occasional water or oil spray is present. A polyurethane dome covers the actuator spring, protecting internal gold switch contacts from environmental contamination.
· Adjustable actuation between 3.2mm and 4mm from the switch base (excludes spacer)
· Over 14 million cycle life
· 176F (80°C) standard temperature rating

Thinswitch® Limit Switch
Verify ejector plate return before closing the mould. Mount inside ejector housing and wire to machine controls. Use for core slides or any place where space is limited.
· Prevents costly mould damage
· Small size - 2.15” L x 1.5” W x 0.18” thick
· Fits behind ejector plate
· 10 million cycle mechanical life
· Adjustable operating point
· Electrical capacity at 250V AC 5 Amps Resistive, 4 Amps Inductive
· Optional high temperature model

Thinswitch® Liquid Resistant Limit Switch

Designed to verify ejector plate return in areas where occasional water or oil spray is present. The Thinswitch helps prevent accidental mould close in injection moulding applications by providing a position switch that is tied to the injection moulding machine control. The liquid resistant switch uses the same mounting hole locations as the original Thinswitch.
· Over 10 million cycle life
· 175F (79.4°C) standard temperature rating
· 250F (121°C) high temperature unit for higher temperature needs
· Mounting screws and wire clips included

Smartlock® Core Slide Retainer and Limit Switch

The slide retainer and limit switch is designed for injection moulders to provide switching plus slide retaining in one unique package. The SMARTLOCK® locking function prevents premature slide movement during moulded part ejection while the SPDT switch is simultaneously actuated.
· New capture screw prevents plunger loss.
· Over 10 million cycle life provides long dependable service.
· 27 pounds holding force: adjustable for optimum operation.
· Stripped and tinned 6 ft. wire leads make the switch ready to install without modification.

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TW-222-LRThinswitch® Global Limit Switch
T-222Thinswitch® Limit Switch
HT-291-LRThinswitch® Liquid Resistant Limit Switch
SL-222Smartlock® Core Slide Retainer and Limit Switch.