Mould Junction Box

Mould Junction Box

1. The terminal blocks are completely prewired to both the Power and Thermocouple Connectors.

2. Terminal blocks are numbered by MOLD ZONE for ease of installation and troubleshooting.

3. Feed the wires from the mold wire slot through the opening(s) in the bottom of the Mold Wiring System. Slide the mold wires under the SEMS pressure plate on the appropriate zone-numbered terminal.

4. The RED and WHITE wires are the THERMOCOUPLE SIDE. Install thermocouple wire from the mold.+(White/upper) -(Red/lower) to the corresponding zone number on the upper and lower terminal blocks.

5. Install the POWER wires on the opposite two terminal blocks marked Power side to corresponding number on the terminal blocks, one to upper and one to lower.

6. Place the cover over the Mold Wiring System and tighten with the four screws supplied.

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SKUZONESWidthHeightMounting Hole M1Mounting Hole M2LengthQTY
PTBC005-A5 Zones2.75''4.50''1.5008.0310000000000018.66''
PTBC008-A8 Zones2.75''4.50''1.5008.8439.47''
PTBC012-A12 Zones2.75''4.50''1.5009.90600000000000110.53''