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Hydromax AW

MATRIX Hydraulic Oil
Hydromax AW

MATRIX Hydromax AW Hydraulic Oil - Mineral based high performance hydraulic fluid, based on the latest base oil and additive technology. The use of an ashless additive pack warrants optimal performance and a long service life.
Hydromax AW can be used in all available hydraulic applications, as well as light gear boxes and is perfectly suitable for general lubrication purposes.

Available in Hydromax AW32, AW46, AW68 and Zinc Free ZF46 and ZF68.

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SKUTypeSizePack DescriptionQTY
MAT-HYDROMAX AW32 20Hydromax AW3220 LtrPail
MAT-HYDROMAX AW32 205Hydromax AW32205 LtrDrum
MAT-HYDROMAX AW46 20Hydromax AW4620 LtrPail
MAT-HYDROMAX AW46 205Hydromax AW46205 LtrDrum
MAT-HYDROMAX AW46 1000Hydromax AW461000 LtrIBC
MAT-HYDROMAX AW68 20Hydromax AW6820 LtrPail
MAT-HYDROMAX AW68 205Hydromax AW68205 LtrDrum
MAT-HYDROMAX AW68 1000Hydromax AW681000 LtrIBC
MAT-HYDROMAX ZF 46 205Hydromax AW ZF46 (Zinc Free)205 LtrDrum
MAT-HYDROMAX ZF 68 205Hydromax AW ZF46 (Zinc Free)205 LtrDrum