SHELL Hydraulic Oil

SHELL Hydraulic Oil

To meet the challenges of a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of fluids that helps you to choose a product to best match your needs. It includes extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life, through to cost effective, reliable products for less demanding applications.

SHELL Hydraulic Oil - Available in S1, Tellus and Tellus Zinc Free.
More products available from Hales upon request.

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SKU Type Size Pack Description QTY
SHEL-HYD S1 M46 209L Hydraulic S1 M46 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-HYD S1 M68 209L Hydraulic S1 M68 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLM22 20 Tellus S2 MX22 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLM22 209 Tellus S2 MX22 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLM32 20 Tellus S2 MX32 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLM32 209 Tellus S2 MX32 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLM46 20 Tellus S2 MX46 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLM46 209 Tellus S2 MX46 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLM46 1000 Tellus S2 MX46 1000 Ltr IBC
SHEL-TELLM68 20 Tellus S2 MX68 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLM68 209 Tellus S2 MX68 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLM100 20 Tellus S2 MX100 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLM100 209 Tellus S2 MX100 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLME46 209 Tellus S4 ME46 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLME68 209 Tellus S4 ME68 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLS2VX46 20 Tellus S2 VX46 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLS2VX46 209 Tellus S2 VX46 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLS2VX68 20 Tellus S2 VX68 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLS2VX68 209 Tellus S2 VX68 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLS3M32 20 ZF Tellus S3 M32 ZF (Zinc Free) 20 Ltr Pail
SHEL-TELLS3M46 209 ZF Tellus S3 M46 ZF (Zinc Free) 209 Ltr Drum
SHEL-TELLS3M46 1000 ZF Tellus S3 M46 ZF (Zinc Free) 1000 Ltr IBC
SHEL-TELLS3M68 209 ZF Tellus S3 M68 ZF (Zinc Free) 209 Ltr Drum