Neat Cutting Oil - Matrix Cut 05 MT

Neat Cutting Oil - Matrix Cut 05 MT

Cut 05 MT is a universal cutting fluid formulated from judiciously selected components. The balanced additives maximizes performance over the wide range of pressures and temperatures seen when machining difficult metals and difficult conditions. Cut 05 MT has high chemical stability, good cooling properties and minimum tendency to form oil mist. It is recommended for machining of all metals, with excellent performance under heavy operation conditions.


Cut 05 MT is designed for machining applications as turning, boring, threading, tapping, gear cutting, milling, and screw cutting, where the highest quality surface is required. It is suitable for all grades of steel, for steels of the most difficult machinability, including all types of stainless and heat-resistant steels and for non-ferrous metals, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium.


Good flushing, cooling and lubricating properties
Improved tool life and surface finish
Low mist and vapour formation
Improved productivity
Environmentally friendly
Chlorine free

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SKUTypeSizePack DescriptionQTY
MAT-Cut 05 MT-020Neat Cutting Oil20 LtrPail
MAT-Cut 05 MT-205 Neat Cutting Oil205 LtrDrum