Heavy Duty Neat Drawing Oil - MATRIX FDX 3012

Heavy Duty Neat Drawing Oil - MATRIX FDX 3012

FDX 3012 is an oil with EP properties specially formulated for metal stamping, sheet cutting and drawing applications. The combination of EP additives, lubricity and polar compounds make it specially suitable for obtaining very high efficiency.

FDX 3012 is suitable for cold drawing of all kind of metals including steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminium and for drawing of a automotive components.

• Extended die life
• Reduced pick-up and scoring
• High film strength
• Excellent surface finish
• Easy to apply

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SKUTypeSizePack DescriptionQTY
MAT-FDX 3012-020Heavy Duty Drawing Oil20 LtrPail
MAT-FDX 3012-205LHeavy Duty Drawing Oil205 LtrDrum