Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Systems

Athena Brand.

Single Zone Temperature Control System - 10 AMP Unit

Multi Zone Temperature Control System - 2 Zone Mainframe. 16 to 48 Zone Mainframes are also available to order. 30 Amp option also available. Modules sold separately.

RMA Module
• Simultaneous digital setpoint and digital temperature indication.
• Accepts Type J or Type K thermocouple input (jumper selectable).
• Auto-tuning, with adjustable proportional band and rate.
• Bump less auto/manual transfer.
• CompuStep bake out feature prevents moisture at start-up.
• Built-in loop break, short, open, and reverse thermocouple protection.
• Jumper-selectable self-start mode.
• Current monitor feature displays average current to load.
• CE-compliant.

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PIM1BX1010 AmpSingle Zone Mainframe10 Amp
MFFMP215 Amp2 Zone Mainframe15 Amp
MFFMP315 Amp3 Zone Mainframe15 Amp
MFX515 Amp5 Zone Mainframe15 Amp
MFX815 Amp8 Zone Mainframe15 Amp
MFX1215 Amp12 Zone Mainframe15 Amp