Food Grade Gear Oil - FOODMAX Gear

Food Grade Gear Oil - FOODMAX Gear

Using the latest base stock technology together with a special additive package

High performance food grade gear oil

Also available in PAO and PAG synthetic

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SKU Type Size Pack Description QTY
FM-GEAR220-020 Foodmax Gear 220 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEAR320-020 Foodmax Gear 320 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEAR460-020 Foodmax Gear 460 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEAR680-020 Foodmax Gear 680 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAG150-020 Foodmax Gear PAG 150 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAG220-020 Foodmax Gear PAG 220 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAG320-020 Foodmax Gear PAG 320 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAG460-020 Foodmax Gear PAG 460 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAG680-020 Foodmax Gear PAG 680 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO100-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 100 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO150-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 150 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO220-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 220 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO320-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 320 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO460-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 460 20 Ltr Pail
FM-GEARPAO680-020 Foodmax Gear PAO 680 20 Ltr Pail