Food Grade High Performance Grease - FOODMAX CAS Grease

Food Grade High Performance Grease - FOODMAX CAS Grease

New generation of technically advanced food grade grease developed by complexing modified over based calcium sulphonates.

The new technology offers superior mechanical stability, high temperature, high load carrying performance, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water, steam and corrosion.

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SKUTypeSizePack DescriptionQTY
FM-GREASECASS00HS-18Foodmax Grease CAS S 00 HS18kgPail
FM-GREASECASS1LS-040Foodmax Grease CAS S1 LS400gCartridge
FM-GREASECASS1LS-18Foodmax Grease CAS S1 LS18kgPail
FM-GREASECASS2HS-040Foodmax Grease CAS S2 HS400gCartridge
FM-GREASECASS2HS-040SLFoodmax Grease CAS S2 HS400gShuttle
FM-GREASECASS2HS-18Foodmax Grease CAS S2 HS18kgPail
FM-GREASECASS2LS-040Foodmax Grease CAS S2 LS400gCartridge
FM-GREASECASS2LS-18Foodmax Grease CAS S2 LS18kgPail
FM-GREASECASS2LS-E120Foodmax Pulsur Lube120mlDispenser