Air Compressor Lubricant<br />

Air Compressor Lubricant

Air Compressor Lubricant designed to reduce heat and friction in rotary screw and reciprocating compressors.
Suitable for hydraulic, air and gas compressors.
Suitable for small units to large multi-stage configurations
Also includes oils for refrigeration systems

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SKU Type Size Pack Description QTY
CAS-AIRCOLMR46-020        Aircol MR 46  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLMR46-205        Aircol MR 46  205 Ltr Drum
CAS-AIRCOLMR68-020        Aircol MR 68  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLMR68-205        Aircol MR 68  205 Ltr Drum
CAS-AIRCOLPD46-020        Aircol PD 46   20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLPD100-020       Aircol PD 100  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLPD100-205       Aircol PD 100 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-AIRCOLSN100-020       Aircol SN 100  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLSN100-205       Aircol SN 100 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-AIRCOLSR46-020        Aircol SR 46  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLSR46-205        Aircol SR 46 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-AIRCOLSR68-020        Aircol SR 68  20 Ltr Pail
CAS-AIRCOLSR68-205        Aircol SR 68 205 Ltr Drum