Multi Purpose Grease - SHELL GADUS

Multi Purpose Grease - SHELL GADUS

Shell Gadus is a comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs.

The Gadus ranges include multipurpose greases that can help to simplify your product inventory, as well as specialty greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic products designed for the most severe extreme temperature and long-life applications, and a range of open-gear lubrication.

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SKUTypeSizePack DescriptionQTY
SHEL-GAD RAILS2-018Gadus Rail S Traction Motor18kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 2 .450Gadus S2 V100 2450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 2 18Gadus S2 V100 218kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 2 180Gadus S2 V100 2180kg Drum
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 3 .450Gadus S2 V100 3450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 3 18Gadus S2 V100 318kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V100 3 180Gadus S2 V100 3180kg Drum
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 00 18Gadus S2 V220 0018kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 0 18Gadus S2 V220 018kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 1 18Gadus S2 V220 1 18kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 2 450Gadus S2 V220 2450gCartridge
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 2 18Gadus S2 V220 2 18kgPail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 2 180Gadus S2 V220 2180kgDrum
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 AC2 450Gadus S2 V220 AC2 450gCartridge
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 AC2 18Gadus S2 V220 AC218kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 AC2 180Gadus S2 V220 AC2 180kgDrum
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 AD 18Gadus S2 V220 AD218kgPail
SHEL-GAD S2 V220 AD2 450Gadus S2 V220 AD2 450gCartridge
SHEL-GAD S2 V1000 AD1.5Gadus S2 V1000 AD1.518kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S2 V1000 AD2.450Gadus S2 V1000 AD2450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S3 T100 2 .450Gadus S3 T100 2 450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S3 T100 2 18Gadus S3 T100 2 18kg  Pail
SHEL-GAD S3 T220 2 .450Gadus S3 T220 2 450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S3V220C1 018Gadus S3 V220 C1 18kg  Pail
SHEL-GAD S3 V220 C .450Gadus S3 V220 C2 450g Cartridge
SHEL-GAD S3 V220 C2 18Gadus S3 V220 C218kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S3 V220 C2 180Gadus S3 V220 C2 180kg Drum
SHEL-GAD S3 V4608-018Gadus S3 V460 2 18kg Pail
SHEL-GAD S3 V460D-0045Gadus S3 V460 D2 450gCartridge
SHEL-GAD S5 T460 1.5 180Gadus S5 T460 1.5180kg Drum