Hydraulic Oil CASTROL Hyspin AWS

Hydraulic Oil CASTROL Hyspin AWS

CASTROL Hydraulic Oil – Castrol Hyspin is a range of high quality mienral oils with a viscosity index improver.

- For modern hydraulic equipment operating under sever service conditions
- Wide temperature range and high pressure
- Suitable for injection moulders, earthmoving hydraulic systems, machine tools, agriculture equipments.

Available in Hyspin AWS, and Zinc Free. More products available in Hales Industrial Catalogue or upon request

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SKU Type Size Pack Description QTY
CAS-HYSAWS010-020 Hyspin AWS10 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS010-205 Hyspin AWS10 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS022-020 Hyspin AWS22 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS022-205 Hyspin AWS22 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS032-020 Hyspin AWS32 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS032-205 Hyspin AWS32 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS046-020 Hyspin AWS46 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS046-205 Hyspin AWS46 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS046-1000 Hyspin AWS46 1000 Ltr IBC
CAS-HYSAWS068-020 Hyspin AWS68 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS068-205 Hyspin AWS68 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS068-1000 Hyspin AWS68 1000 Ltr IBC
CAS-HYSAWS100-020 Hyspin AWS100 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS100-205 Hyspin AWS100 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS150-020 Hyspin AWS150 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS150-205 Hyspin AWS150 205 Ltr Drum
CAS-HYSAWS220-020 Hyspin AWS220 20 Ltr Pail
CAS-HYSAWS220-205 Hyspin AWS220 205 Ltr Drum